MINI "Hot Rod"
made for Ingo Powitzer (Scorpions guitar  tech), all mahagony, rosewood fretboard.
The MINI fits into a standard Samsonite case, perfect for the hotelroom on tour.
Don´t worry about the small size, it´s got a full scale (24 3/4") and sounds BIG.



Klaus Meine playing Ingo´s MINI on the last U.S. tour
MINI "Transformer" V
made for Rudolf Schenker, all mahagony, Musclebucker. 
It takes 30 seconds, 4 bolts and an allen key to transform this MINI into a fullsize Flying V. Sounds great as a MINI,
but with the wings screwed tightly to the body it knocks down walls. It´s actually Rudolf´s most played guitar, it goes everywhere with him.
Note the extension piece for the headstock.
first MINI
ordered by Markus Groskopf, thanks for the inspiration.

made for a customer from Denmark